Customize Your Homepage

MyTampaGov enables you to create a personalized view of links to your favorite or frequently accessed City of Tampa online information services. Also take note of the MyTampaGov bar, which appears on every page of the TampaGov site for registered MyTampaGov users. This bar gives you instant access to all of you personalized TampaGov resources, including links to your city business, your membership preferences and account information as well as your favorites list.

On the MyTampaGov home page, you identify what links you want to view, and if you want your MyTampaGov view to be the first page you see when accessing the City of Tampa site. Click Hide Options once you have finished customizing your page.

Many personal preferences may be set directly from your MyTampaGov home page.  Member preferences provide additional ways to customize how you experience the TampaGov site.